Lesson Types and Rates

Individual Golf Lessons

Lessons include a large basket of driving range balls

  • First 20 minute Lesson .......  FREE **
  • One 45 minute lesson .......... $30
  • Three 45 minute lessons....... $80
  • Five 45 minute lessons ........ $120
  • Unlimited lessons* .............. $500

*Lessons may be taken throughout the season (through September), they can vary in length, and are scheduled at the availability of both the teacher and student.  A playing lesson is not included.

** Range balls are not included in this lesson


Playing Lessons

A playing lesson with a PGA golf professional is a great way to zero in on how to improve your golf game.
The Playing Lesson can be used in the following ways:
1. as a stand-alone lesson
2. as a prelude to a set of lessons after identifying weakness(es) in a players game
3. as a culmination to a set of lessons to help bring what you've learned to the golf course

The Playing lesson includes:
- warm up range balls
- Greens and Cart fees
- 1 hour of on course instruction
- follow-up meeting to discuss lesson

Price................. $75.00


Lesson Information

The FREE Lesson

I have talked with golfers who have taken lessons from well known instructors and felt that it was money wasted.  Instructors, in evaluations, have often been called “GOD-LIKE” and an “IDIOT” by students (sometimes in the same group lesson).  We know this from all the teacher/student relationships we have endured in our lifetimes – Instructors and students need to be compatible for success to happen.  This is the reason I offer a FREE 20 minute lesson.  If, I don’t want you as a student or you can’t learn from me – why spend a lot of money and time to find out.  This is not a money back guarantee – The first 20 minutes costs nothing but our time and a small bucket of driving range balls.  Contact me for more information!

Available lesson Types

I am available for other types of special lessons:

  • Husband/Wife
  • Family
  • Corporate "Team Building"
  • Other??

Call me for information and pricing.......

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