Golf Fitness

Today we are seeing the game of golf being dominated by athletes. There is something to be learned from the ability these athletes have to make the game of golf look so effortless and easy. A very large part of being successful at learning the game of golf is physical fitness.   Does that mean that only world class athletes can be good golfers? No, it only means you limit your ability to improve at certain facets of the game if you can’t physically move as needed. Strength and flexibility are needed to play and improve at the game of golf.  If you ignore this fact you will reach a point where you cannot improve and perhaps may even hurt yourself. How good you want to get at the game of golf depends on your physical well being and the amount to time you want to spend learning and working at the game. Age is NOT an issue here if you are looking to play golf for FUN.  We can work to keep our physical attributes from deteriorating to the point where we can no longer play this great game.  Yes, as we grow older the game of golf gets more difficult due to physical restrains of “old age” but working at physical fitness and flexibility will allow you to continue to play well and longer.

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